Competition Parcel of Exhibits

Before you seal your parcel with your exhibits and the yellow NOTICE OF DESPATCH OF EXHIBITS form:

Sample Storyboard

Sample Storyboard


  • Please remember no names or identifying labels on article.

Full Particulars of Exhibit

  • In addition to details regarding colour, size, technique, etc., please state if your exhibit is made of Merino wool (see Conditions of Entry 3) or by a Novice (see Conditions of Entry 10) to be eligible for Special Prizes.

Exhibit Return

  • Circle your preferred method of return: collected by hand or returned by registered post.
  • Exhibits to be returned by registered post must include the $10 registered post handling fee and any extra amount of postage payable according to Australia Post.

 Classes 56 & 57 Fashion Garments

  • You must include a photo on a model for display in the cabinet if garment is paraded.


  • You may find it beneficial to submit a storyboard in addition to your exhibit that includes an explanation of the interpretation of the theme, the number of techniques and how they were used.
  • Photographs and other visuals may also be included and are very beneficial to the judges when judging.
  • A storyboard is REQUIRED for Class 65 – Team Entry

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