2012 Feature Breed: Finnsheep

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show will feature the breeds of the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA) in 2012.

Woolcraft will be featuring a selection, which includes: Finnsheep

FinnsheepFinnsheep fleece

The Australian Finn (Finnish Landrace) breed is of northern European origin with the base Australian flock being descendants of the original importation into New Zealand in 1986. The Finn was first available in Australia in 1993.

General Appearance

Breeders must maintain the maternal traits of the breed, selecting for fertility, milking and mothering. Rams should be masculine and robust, with large, even, firm testicles.


Should be even, soft and lustrous. White wool with good even staple length and lock. Crimp well-defined and even from staple base to tip. There should be no kemp (short frosty fibres) or gare (stronger medullated fibre i.e. carpet wool fibre) through the fleece. Fleece should extend well up the neck to the ears.


General: of horns or scurs which do not move on the skull. Wedge shaped with a strong jaw not exceeding past the dental pad.
Free of wool, covered with soft fine white hair. Lips and nostrils preferably pink.
Well set, bright and alert, not protruding. Some pigmentation on eyelids preferred.
Medium, lively, mobile, pointed tips.


Back: Level and strong. Shoulders should be level with the back.
Broad, square and deep well boned with reasonable muscling. Natural tail short (<15 cm), well set. Clean, short wool surrounding tail.
Medium length, free of wool, medium length pasterns that arc strong. Hooves are white.
Healthy pink, supple.


Low subcutaneous fat as body reserves are held around the internal organs.


Carriage is alert, free and active. Should be of good constitution with large abdominal capacity.

Learn more about the Feature Breed


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