There are jobs that have to be done each day of the week before The Australian Sheep and Wool Show as well as over the Show weekend and the following Monday.

Some people come for one day, a few come every day and some just for the weekend.

Starting time is generally 9 – 9.30 am and finishing when the jobs are done for the day so it depends how many are there and what needs to be done. Most days we are finished by 4 pm. Over the Show weekend finishing time is 5 pm except on Sunday which is later as we need to start dismantling displays so entries can be returned at the end of the Show.

Lunch is provided on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those who are able to give us two or more days of their time can ask for an entry ticket for the Show.

People who help for a half day -4 hours- over the Show weekend can get an entry ticket if required.

Monday – Cleaning first. Previously sweeping, mopping, vacuuming etc have been necessary but the last couple of years just wiping out the sections behind glass is all that has been needed. Arranging the tables, covering them with plastic and setting up our ‘head’ table. putting up the class labels and alphabets so we can keep track of packaging for storage and retrieval. Starting to unpack the entries, working in pairs to check they are as listed, check paperwork, check against records for correct numbers etc and place on the appropriate class table.

Tuesday – Unpacking and more unpacking, stowing packaging. People work in pairs here again and everything is triple checked to make sure it is all there, packing is noted and put away for returning the articles.

Wednesday – Judging day. This is the day with the greatest numbers required and certainty in attendance is really important as we can’t do this properly without sufficient people. Two stewards/helpers are needed with each pair of judges for each section. The group entries have three judges and may need more stewards too depending on entries.

Thursday – the Window dresser hopefully started on Wednesday as everything is paced around getting the now judged entries into the display cabinets. Once tables are cleared they need to be put in place for those who have a ‘stall/display’ to set up after lunch. This applies to all six Woolcraft sheds. Sometime the Window dresser is still working after 7pm!!

Friday, Saturday – We need people to man/woman our main table helping sell raffle tickets and programs, answer questions and give directions. There are some jobs such as prize allocations, typing judges comments and putting them in envelopes ready for sending back, keeping an eye on the ‘lunch/tea room’ etc that also need to be done…

Sunday – As for the previous two days but at 4 pm we need to start setting tables with covers out, undoing the display cabinets, getting the packaging out, ready for people to start collecting their entries after 6 pm. Maybe a couple of hours. People work in pairs here and everything is triple checked to make sure it is all there, repacked in the provided packing and any prizes, programs, ribbons or judges comments included.

Monday after – Packing up. Finishing the dismantling, repacking and sending in pairs as above. then packing up all out bits and pieces for storage until next year!! Usually a short day.

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