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2014 Theme – “A Riot of Colour inspired by Australian Native Birds”

Woolcraft competition entries that follow the 2014 theme are eligible for a special prize donated by Kyneton Handweavers and Spinners Group Inc.

Just to name a few…


Crimson Rosella


Superb Blue-wren


Australian King Parrot



New Holland Honeyeater


Rainbow Lorikeet


Common Bronzewing


Eastern Spinebill


Laughing Kookabura

Just released – 2014 Woolcraft Schedule

2014 Woolcraft Schedule - coverStart planning your entry today!

Download the 2014 Woolcraft Schedule

Message from Chief Judge

Woolcraft shedHello

I have just returned home from another great ASBA Australian Sheep & Wool show in Bendigo. Coordinating the woolcraft judging is my main role and I want to thank all the judges that attended and diligently and thoughtfully considered all the wonderful entries that were on offer. The time taken to scrutinize and then comment on each entry says much about the quality of the entries and also the integrator of the judges. I also wish to thank the stewards that worked with the judges and contributed to the smooth running of the day.

To all the entrants I also say ‘thank you’.  It is an enormous privilege to be able to view all the articles that come to the Show and then to hear the complementary comments of the members of the public as they wander around on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There were some entries of high quality that did not earn a prize and I am making two suggestions as you prepare for 2014.

  1.  There are some classes that say “Wool only”  this actually means just that , so adding alpaca, silk or glitzy bits etc in these classes is not acceptable.
  2. WPI (or wraps per inch).  This is a universal measure for spinners and it would appear that some people do not know what this means, so some beautifully spun skeins did not comply with the requirements.  Please find an experienced spinner to explain how this works, because it is really disappointing for judges to have to say “no” to excellent work.

It took me 20 years to remember consistently to put aside a staple of wool or a wool ball label, into a zip lock bag as soon as I started a new project but I do now.  This means I don’t get caught at the end of a project, without samples, if I suddenly decide that I wish to enter a competition. It reduces the stress and frustration. Try it.

My best wishes for 2014, the Woolcraft committee look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.

Jay Peterson

Thank you for the 2013 Woolcraft Competition

To the exhibitors:

If there were no exhibitors, there would be no woolcraft competition so a HUGE thank you to all exhibitors for the many hours of work spent producing such wonderful exhibits.

Folk have already started planning for their 2014 entry using the theme “A riot of colour, inspired by Australian native birds”, so why don’t you join them?

To the stewards:

A HUGE thank you to all the stewards for your invaluable assistance. Many of these ladies and husbands happily turn up day after day, year after year, to help stage the woolcraft competition for all to see over the three days of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show. We know through experience that being a steward at this show is a huge learning curb in a very friendly and positive atmosphere. So please join us next year!

To the judges:

A HUGE thank you to all the judges that came from various areas of Victoria, and gave of their precious time to judge the wonderful exhibits. It is a mammoth job to diligently scrutinize all exhibits and give them the attention they deserve.

Woolcraft Committee

The Catalogue is out!