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Judging Day 2013

Another great day of judging, it’s going to be a great show!









Volunteers still needed for Judging Day, 17 July

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Judging day requires the greatest number of volunteers. Two stewards/helpers are needed to help each pair of judges for each section. Group entries have three judges and may need more stewards depending on the number of entries.

If you would like to help on Judging Day, please contact Dot or Chrystene.

Woolcraft Competition Drop-off/Pick-up for Transport to Show

Do you need your exhibit transported to and from the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in July?

There will be a drop-off box at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria (655 Nicholson Street, Carlton North, VIC 3054 Australia) for exhibits ready for transport until Wednesday 10th July 2013. Exhibits should be packaged and marked accordingly. Drop-off is open to non-members as well as members.

Exhibit collection will be available after the Show from Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

Please sign sheet on drop-off and pick-up of exhibits.

If you have any questions, please contact Dot Vallence Ph: 03 9560 1621.

Support Woolcraft

The Woolcraft section of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show is held annually to provide an avenue for craftspeople to exhibit and demonstrate their craft.

The Woolcraft Competition would not exist if it wasn’t for the volunteers who serve on the committee and those who volunteer their time as stewards, etc. throughout the show. The committee members, who come from all over Victoria, give freely of their time, not only for the 10 days duration; setting up, staging and dismantling the show, but also for meetings held in Melbourne during the year.

In the current schedule some classes are already sponsored, which is valued by the committee. However, further sponsorship is required and if you are able to contribute, any donation would be appreciated.

Please send donations to:

Mr. Andrew Ternouth, Secretary ASBA
P.O. Box 219
Bendigo, VIC 3552

And include the following details:

Sponsorship for the Woolcraft section, ASBA Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo 2013
Donation amount: ___________ (Please make cheques payable to: ASBA Woolcraft)
Name: _________________________________________
Organisation: ___________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Donor name to be displayed on promotional materials: __________________________________

Thank you,

President Woolcraft Committee
Dot Vallence

Sponsorship for 2013

The Woolcraft Committee thanks all sponsors of the Woolcraft Section and Competition. Without your continued support this part of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show would not be possible.

View 2013 sponsors…