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Woolcraft Raffle Prize Winners


  1. Kates Sewing Centre – Merrylock SP1000 Punching Sewing Machine
    Purple A 88 – Helen Barnes
  2. Karoa Fibres – Alpaca quilt underlay ‘queen’
    Orange F 79 – Lyn Fiblett
  3. Karoa Fibres – Alpaca quilt underlay ‘single’
    Red E 057 – Vicki Younger
  4. National Wool Museum – Manor House rug
    Blue E 065 – Liz Tangey
  5. Granite Haven Llamas – Llama rovings and yarn, Gotland yarn box
    Green B 41 – Rose Roller
  6. Beersheba Farm – Merino and hand dyed fibre
    Black F 83 – Marg Gott
  7. May Gibbs’ Nutcote – May Gibbs’ book
    Purple B 91 – Ruth Fisher

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors.

Classes focused on Creativity with Hand Stitching

2016 Australian Sheep and Wool Show

10-11am ‘Whimsical Winter Brooch’ with Andrea Taylor

Create your own version of our decorative whimsical brooch using felt, wool fabric, beads and embroidery threads. Pleay with the colours and stitches and wear it home.

Class & Kit cost $15

11am-1:30pm ‘Stitched Communal Blanket’

Take a few minutes to sit with us and make your mark in stitch on our communal blanket. Choose some thread and start stitching – we will help you if you need it.

What do you think of when you see an old blanket like this? Does it: connect you to the past; family; snuggling up on sleepovers at Grandma’s house? Share your memories and stories with us.

This is a free activity – eventually this blanket will be used for some community purpose – do you have any ideas?

1:30-2:30pm ‘Freeform Stitched Mandala’ with Zara Parker

Explore the mediative pleasure of stitch and be guided through the process of creating imaginative freeform embroidery using felt, thread and creative colour play.

Class & Kit cost $25

3-4pm Explore Slow Stitch with Robyn Steel-Stickland

Be lead through a process so you stitch more and think less, improve your skills and increase your intuition. Slow down and enjoy the feeling of stitching with wool on wool.

Class & Kit cost $8

Book with Opendrawer in the Woolcraft Section.

2016 Woolcraft Competition winners announced

2016 Feature Breed – Corriedale

Breed Origin

The Corriedale evolved simultaneously in both Australia and New Zealand in about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep. The breed was developed to meet a demand for a dual purpose animal with good meat characteristics and commercial wool production.

Today with over 125 years of line breeding behind it, the Corriedale is sufficiently fixed that hybrid vigour results when it is crossed with any other recognised pure breed.

Breed Identification and Description

The modern Australian Corriedale is a large framed, plain bodied, polled sheep, capable of producing heavy carcases of lamb, hogget or mutton. Ideal for export and domestic markets, Corriedales produce heavy cutting bright fleeces, with good style, length and handle. Mean fibre diameter ranges from 25 to 30 microns in adult sheep to the low 20’s in lambs and hoggets. Yields which vary according to environment are in the 75% range.

Flocks are also in demand for hand spinning.

Other Attributes

Corriedales are docile, easy care animals, excellent mothers with high fertility. They adapt to a wide range of climatic conditions, sometimes at very high altitudes, and are known to be “good doers” in poor seasons and have a strong constitution. They are suitable to the vagaries of the changing sheep markets, maintaining above average returns at all times.

2016 Woolcraft Competition Theme – ‘Celebrating May Gibbs’


Competition entry form due by 10 June 2016.

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