Classes focused on Creativity with Hand Stitching

2016 Australian Sheep and Wool Show

10-11am ‘Whimsical Winter Brooch’ with Andrea Taylor

Create your own version of our decorative whimsical brooch using felt, wool fabric, beads and embroidery threads. Pleay with the colours and stitches and wear it home.

Class & Kit cost $15

11am-1:30pm ‘Stitched Communal Blanket’

Take a few minutes to sit with us and make your mark in stitch on our communal blanket. Choose some thread and start stitching – we will help you if you need it.

What do you think of when you see an old blanket like this? Does it: connect you to the past; family; snuggling up on sleepovers at Grandma’s house? Share your memories and stories with us.

This is a free activity – eventually this blanket will be used for some community purpose – do you have any ideas?

1:30-2:30pm ‘Freeform Stitched Mandala’ with Zara Parker

Explore the mediative pleasure of stitch and be guided through the process of creating imaginative freeform embroidery using felt, thread and creative colour play.

Class & Kit cost $25

3-4pm Explore Slow Stitch with Robyn Steel-Stickland

Be lead through a process so you stitch more and think less, improve your skills and increase your intuition. Slow down and enjoy the feeling of stitching with wool on wool.

Class & Kit cost $8

Book with Opendrawer in the Woolcraft Section.

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