Woolcraft Raffle Prize Winners


  1. Kates Sewing Centre – Merrylock SP1000 Punching Sewing Machine
    Purple A 88 – Helen Barnes
  2. Karoa Fibres – Alpaca quilt underlay ‘queen’
    Orange F 79 – Lyn Fiblett
  3. Karoa Fibres – Alpaca quilt underlay ‘single’
    Red E 057 – Vicki Younger
  4. National Wool Museum – Manor House rug
    Blue E 065 – Liz Tangey
  5. Granite Haven Llamas – Llama rovings and yarn, Gotland yarn box
    Green B 41 – Rose Roller
  6. Beersheba Farm – Merino and hand dyed fibre
    Black F 83 – Marg Gott
  7. May Gibbs’ Nutcote – May Gibbs’ book
    Purple B 91 – Ruth Fisher

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors.

One response to “Woolcraft Raffle Prize Winners

  1. Karen Severn July 21, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    Really enjoyed the show Thankyou

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