Passionate Advocate and Woolcraft Expert Emma Gerring, 2012 Women of Wool

Photo of Emma GerringWoolcraft siteholder Emma Gerring of Spun Out is one of seven 2012 Women of Wool

Woolcraft competitor and hand spinning aficionado, Emma Gerring, of Blackburn, Victoria

Fibre has now taken over popular woolcraft exhibitor Emma Gerring’s life, with raw fleeces, dyes, roving, plus “way too many wheels and an obscene amount of spindles” battling for space in her home.

Her online mini-emporium of hand spinning equipment ‘Spun Out’ is “the baby of a compulsive obsessive fibre junkie,” Emma says.

“I am a relatively recent spinner, starting my yarn making journey September 2008,” she says. “I started with a wheel, after several lessons from a very dear friend, and I also became smitten with spindles, as this meant I could spin any time, any place, anywhere!”

“Spun Out began in 2009, running alongside my then yarn store of 10 years, ‘The Wool Shack’, which I sold in early 2011. So my love of yarn and the fibre industry tipped over into spinning.

“My desire to start up Spun Out, was driven by the wonderful spinning community that was opening up to me. I wanted to share the love (and obsession) and source the finest spinning paraphernalia from around the world,” Emma says.

Content courtesy of The Women of Wool

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