2012 Feature Breed: Suffolk

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show will feature the breeds of the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA) in 2012.

Woolcraft will be featuring a selection, which includes: Suffolk

Suffolk sheepSuffolk fleece

Objective of the Breed

To provide a suitable sire for crossing with other breeds to produce the ideal prime lamb


Moderately short, close, fine fibre, without tendency to mat or felt together, and well defined, that is, not shading off into dark wool or hair. Suggested wool count 58s-60s


The ideal Suffolk ram should be well balanced and proportioned. He will be free moving and of alert appearance with masculine outlook.


The ideal Suffolk ewe will be similar, but with due regard to feminine characteristics and indicating good maternal qualities.


Head: Evidence of horns
Legs: Hocks too closely set
Skin: Not inclined to blue or spotted
Fleece: Black fibre or coloured wool throughout fleece. Black spots anywhere


General: Hornless. Face black and long, and muzzle moderately fine, especially in Ewes. (A small quantity of clean white wool on the forehead not objectionable.)
Ears: Not carried erect, of good length, black and fine texture
Eyes: Bright and full
Neck: Moderate length and well set. (In Rams, stronger, with a good crest)


Shoulders: Broad and oblique
Chest: Deep and wide
Back and Loin: Long, level, and well covered with flesh. Tail broad and well set up. The ribs long and well sprung, with a full flank
Legs and Feet: Straight and black, with fine and flat bone. Woolled to knees and hocks, clean below. Legs set well apart. Hind legs well filled with mutton
Skin: Fine, soft, and pink colour
Flesh: Even and firm handling all over
Belly: (also Scrotum of Rams) Well covered with wool

Learn more about the Feature Breed

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