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Special thanks to our 2021 Sponsors

The Woolcraft Committee thanks all sponsors of the Woolcraft Section and Competition. Without your continued support this part of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show would not be possible.

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2021 Siteholders

Show your support for the 2021 siteholders!

2021 Woolcraft Competition showcase

We would like to thank all who participated this year and while it’s not the opener we intended, we hope you enjoy a showcase of the incredible entries!

2021 Woolcraft competition – the results are in!

Unfortunately, due to the Show being cancelled, 1st prize winners will not be receiving donated goods this year.

Woolcraft Theme for 2021: Vision

To be eligible for the ‘Most Outstanding Entry with the 2021 Theme’ special prize, don’t forget to include your inspiration for the theme (a brief explanation to illustrate your connection with the theme and the processes/techniques used).