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2018 Woolcraft Raffle Prize Winners!


  1. National Wool Museum – Manor House rug
    Orange E 69 – Ursula A
  2. Wool 2 Yarn – wool top and skein
    Green D 076 – Kath B
  3. Bridgewater Berets – beret
    Orange E 1 – Angie G
  4. Elisabet’s Handspun – silk scarf
    Blue B 047 – Faye G
  5. Wool “N” Wire – shawl pin
    Purple A 013 – Cath N
  6. Raxor Yarns & Fibres – Merino skein
    Green D 088 – Amanda K
  7. Waratah Fibres – braided wool top
    Purple A 034 – Wanda/Greg
  8. Hand-Crafted Gifts – 2x braided wool top
    Blue B 087 – Jade W
  9. Bendigo Woodturners – wooden bowl
    Blue B 073 – Felicity H
  10. Uncle John’s Licorice – licorice
    Blue B 038 – Ann P

Thank you to all of our sponsors!


2018 Woolcraft Competition – Winners announced!

Woolcraft Competition – Tips for skeins


4 Ties or Less

There is no compulsory number of ties for skeins at the Woolcraft competition.

In the days when niddy noddys were 18 inches long (making a 2 yard skein), 4 ties was the usual in order to keep the skein neat and tidy.  Nowadays niddy noddys come in many sizes, so changing the “rules”.


Through your work you are on show and a neat and tidy well presented skein may well earn you “WOW” points.

An untidy messy skein loosely tied, with ties made from thread other than the skein itself will attract the eye of the judge, but probably for the wrong reasons.

Use your discretion. Use ties from the skein itself, as many as required to make your skein present well, and trim the ends neatly. Remember the skein will be opened and lengthened for judging, so loose ends can come untucked.

Rewinding a skein after wet finishing can also improve the final appearance.

Good luck to all

Jay Peterson
Woolcraft Committee

Want to look behind the scenes? Become a volunteer!

Learn and experience an exciting time with other like-minded Woolcraft friends


Volunteers are needed from Monday, 16 July to Monday, 23 July to assist with unpacking competition entries (Monday pm & Tuesday), act as stewards for judges (Wednesday), assist with placement of entries and general duties in the pavilions (Thursday), various duties during the Show, and assist with dismantling and pack up (Monday after the Show).

Tea and coffee always available, plus lunches are provided on non-show days; volunteers working two or more days are eligible for show passes.

There’s no gender barrier – all will be made very welcome!

If you feel you would enjoy taking part in this exciting learning experience and can make yourself available for ANY or ALL of these days please send us your details.

Become a volunteer

2018 Demonstrators/Siteholders announced

It’s never too early to start planning your 2018 visit to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

View 2018 siteholders/demonstrators