2019 Feature Breed – Polwarth

Australia’s first breed of sheep

The Polwarth breed was established in Victoria from a fixed Lincoln Merino cross type. Polwarths are dual purpose wool and meat sheep, producing an even, high yielding, soft handling fleece. They are docile in nature which makes for easy care and handling, and have proved versatile in a range of climatic conditions.

Polwarth Sheep Breeders Association of Australia

Polwarth Fleece

Polwarth is a soft-feeling fleece that presents in dense, rectangular staples of a generous length (8 – 18cm). It has a well-defined crimp that gives it elasticity. The end product has a lovely drape. The fleece can be spun from the lock, flick or comb and shorted length fibres can be carded.

(Robson, D. & Ekarius, C. The Field Guide to Fleece. Storey. 2013)

In 2019, we celebrate the centenary of the Polwarth.

One response to “2019 Feature Breed – Polwarth

  1. Karen Severn April 18, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Thank you for this information, I love Polwarth am spinning and knitting this lovely fleece at the moment. Karen Severn.

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