Fibre of Our Nation – Nation-wide Competition

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is sponsoring a nation-wide competition to highlight the stories within every bale of Australian wool. The competition is now open to anyone involved in the wool industry, including woolcrafters. A total of nine winners will be selected with a Grand Prize trip for two to London, Shanghai, Beijing, New York or New Delhi!

Choose one of four categories, write a short story and take some photographs or make a short video.

  • Heritage: characters and history of wool in your family
  • Custodian: the animals and landscape of wool on your property
  • Community: the important role wool plays in your local area
  • Humour: make us laugh and have some fun with wool

Check out an introductory video with Catriona Rowntree on how to enter and the Fibre of our Nation website for additional details.

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