Women of Wool – Dot Vallence

Top Woolcraft competitor Dot Vallence, of Wheeler’s Hill, Victoria

Photo of Dot VallenceIf Woolcraft had a chief executive officer or global head of communications, Dot would be a prime candidate. The 32-year veteran of all things Woolcraft is a passionate advocate of the soul-soothing qualities of taking the time to work with wool.

The Australian Sheep & Wool Show’s ‘day off to discover wool’ is a perfect antidote to the frenetic pace of life, according to Dot.

“We are all so ‘busy, busy’ these days. I believe the resurgence in women working with and also wearing wool is about seeking a little bit more luxury – the luxury of time to knit, or weave, or spin and the luxury of wearing a beautiful natural fibre,” Dot says.

“Working with wool has all the elements of what we may need right now – taking time to slow down a little and focus on something else than daily life, it can be very social, it can bridge generations and it’s highly creative,” Dot says.

Social is the word. Dot helps to organise Woolcraft’s biggest national competition, is part of the 370,000 strong online community for knitters, Ravelry, and regularly attends the affectionately named ‘Stitch & Bitch’ groups and Knitting in Public Days.

Content courtesy of the 2010 Women of Wool

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