Woolcraft Raffle Winners, Bendigo 2011

Friday Raffle

1st prize of $100 voucher donated by O & G Poad, Majacraft

Lisa Bean, Tinamba

2nd prize of a Needle Felting Starter Kit donated by Garments & Gadgets

June Flaherty, Bendigo

3 Day Raffle

1st prize – Elvie McIntyre
2nd prize – Sylvia Morton
3rd prize – P Banks
prize – C Anderson
5th prize – Maggie Marriott
prize – Anne Newton
7th prize – Teresa Bennet
8th prize – Mary
9th prize – Bev Cox
10th prize – Beryl Wallace
11th prize – Chris Stevens
12th prize – Barry Finch
13th prize – M Chandler
14th prize – Sue Kingsford

Thank you to all those who supported the Woolcraft section of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo 2011.

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